Helle Temagami 14C28N Limited Edition

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I read about this limited edition Temagami and just had to get one. I used to have the Carbon version but wasn’t really for me it as the carbon blade easily stains. I think this steel one will be better for my needs for camping, hiking and general outdoors use.

No complaints about this knife and I actually like it is not perfect like a factory made knife. Love the feel, look and smell of the curly birch. Not sure if this knife will see a lot of hard use because it is just such a nice knife.

I tried a few of the Helle knives in a store and this Temagami just had the best shape, weight and balance for me. I also like the collaboration with Survivorman and link to Temagami where I have been a few times.

An episode of Survivorman took place in Norway where Les Stroud is stranded in a car in the Norwegian wilderness. The car survival kit  contains a knife. As Survivorman calls it ‘a beautiful knife’ and of course is the Helle Temagami. Such a coincidence..!

Information from Helle:

The Temagami 14C28N celebrates the 10-year collaboration between Les Stroud aka Survivorman and Helle and the unveiling of the first Temagami in 2011.

The Limited Edition Temagami 14C28N comes, as the name suggests, with a different steel. It also has a 90-degree sharp spine right out of the box. A sharp spine can be used for many things, one is to light a fire using a ferro rod.

Specifications Temagami 14C28N  

  • Wood: Curly Birch
  • Steel: 14C28N
  • Steel thickness: 3,0 mm
  • Branding on blade: Temagami 14C28N
  • Construction: Half fulltang
  • Sheath: Brown Leather

More info from the manufacturer: Helle Temagami 14C28N

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Hi, it’s nice to link up. I have been debating on which knife to get. Helle or Casstrom, Lärs Falt. Iike you, I will go for Helle Tamagami in 14C28n. We are based in the UK and it’s wet, then longer dryer periods. Plus, I use my current knifes in the house as well as outdoors. I like the name I spent a bit of time in Canada, 75, 78 and 80. I spent some mouths with Cree and Ojibwa. I am planning to spend more time outdoors, trail walking and bushcraft. Take care, have a great Christmas and New year.


Thank you for the detailed review and pictures.