The Rich and Famous in Northwest Michigan

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Northwest Michigan is not well known by many people that are not familiar with the Great Lakes area. While many think of Detroit when you mention Michigan, the northern part of the state is a beautiful region of lakes, forests, hills and friendly people.

It may come as s surprise that many rich and famous people call this area home. Well, at least in summer or as a second or third home. (more…)

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Harbor Springs, Michigan

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Harbor Springs Michigan 37

Quintessential. That’s one way of describing the resort community of Harbor Springs in Northern Michigan.  While the word ‘quintessential’ is a bit over-used, it somehow seems to fit this little town. The entire village almost seems too perfect and you can easily imagine you’re on a movie set.  Walk around on a nice sunny day and the gentle breeze coming from the lake takes away any worries or hectic life you came from.  There are several small beaches for a refreshing dip in the lake.


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Rusty old junk cars

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Rusty old junk cars 2

Driving around in Charlevoix County, Michigan one evening and spotted a few rusty cars behind a barn.  My curiosity made me stop and see what was hidden in the grass.  There were an old Chevy station wagon, delivery vans and some other rusty American steel waiting for better days.  Or they were just forgotten and won’t go anywhere anytime soon. (more…)

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Car spotting at Worth Avenue in Palm Beach, Florida

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car spotting worth avenue palm beach 2

I was on vacation in Florida and I always like to go to Palm Beach and look at cars and people whenever I am in the area.  There never seems a shortage of expensive cars cruising around Worth Avenue.  Porsches seem so common around here and you don’t even notice Mercedes, Audi or BMW anymore, unless they are really unique like an SLS.


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